Work with me

Human Design provides you guidance for living. It reveals the energy circle surrounding you showing obstacles, triggers, grounding points and charging options. I have been seeking how to restore energy and be more efficient for years. Now I am ready to share it with you and ask for help from my spiritual guide to clarify the situation if necessary.

The way one is used to direct attention from outward to inward and how quickly this is done differs  due to our unique design. Why would one ponder this at all? Why is it more and more important to listen to our body responding and following the gut feeling?

Our mind and thoughts are always manipulated by external influences, by one´s own ego and fears. The information and environment surround and affect us but do not show us our  personal. Therefore, it is necessary in decision-making process to trust one´s intuition and dismiss the calculating mind.


In order to generate your Human Design chart you would need to know your birth date, accurate time and place.

You may check your free chart without creating an account on

Overview of your design chart (type, profile, life theme and consultation via Skype ) – 50 €

        Personalized report of your chart (chart reading, movement of energy and external influences, communication, blockages, solutions; consultation via Skype) – 120 €

 Personalized consultation to solve an issue or to make a choice (description of the background and the influences   involved based on the Human Design chart and my spiritual guide´s contribution; previous personalized report is not  required) – 50 €

  Relationship compatibility consultation( partnership, child and parent, conflict resolutions etc) – 25 €

  Further additional consultations and inquiries are arranged for an individualized fee.