Until August I am in India, in Goa. After that it all depends on the situation and the air traffic between India and Europe. My trainings and consultations are available online and offline

Eyesight training

To Whom? Eyesight training is meant to adults who are interested in their health and want to improve their eyesight. The exercises are suitable also for children.

Why? To learn tips and channeled exercises in order to improve or/and maintain eyesight.

Is it possible to get rid of glasses or contact lenses by training your eyes?

It depends on the circumstances – conditions, how long time the glasses have been worn, lifestyle, habits, food. But keeping your eyesight at the current level is possible just by adapting some necessary habits.

We all have unique combinations of energy and there are some special points in the energy structure that cause for some people´s eyes more tensions than for the others. We can learn to relieve these tensions and create a more relaxed state in the whole body.

How long? 2,5 hours

How? Theoretical part, sharing experiences, practical tips and exercises, self motivation, questions

Experiences about using Magnesium oil, DMSO, salt water, special exercise

Hypersensitivity as a Gift

Being sensitive  is not a weakness but a gift we have to learn to use.


Training course and the practical methods

Hypersensitivity does not make  life easy. But it does not have to be taken as a disadvantage. Read more...


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