Until the end of this year I stay in India, in Goa. After that it all depends on the situation and the air traffic between India and Europe. My trainings and consultations are available online and offline

This course aims to take control and get better contact with your eyes and brain, speed up the reception and selection of information, and improve visual memory and focus. 

By dedicating ten minutes a day you can diminish and cure short- and farsightedness, relax and rejuvenate your eyes and keep them looking bright and healthy.

Here are 7 lectures and 43 minutes of content. It`s designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to take care of their eyes and maintain their vision as our primary sense.

Is it possible to get rid of glasses or contact lenses by training your eyes?

It depends on the circumstances – conditions, how long time the glasses have been worn, lifestyle, habits, food. But keeping your eyesight at the current level is possible just by adapting some necessary habits.

How? Theoretical part, sharing experiences, practical tips and exercises, self motivation, questions

Experiences about using Magnesium oil, DMSO, salt water, special exercise

Hypersensitivity as a Gift

Being sensitive  is not a weakness but a gift we have to learn to use.


Training course and the practical methods

Hypersensitivity does not make  life easy. But it does not have to be taken as a disadvantage. Read more...


India, Goa, Calangute
Estonia, Viljandi

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