The virus and sensitivity

Why has this virus become such a tough influencer?
I asked this question for the answer from my spiritual guide whom I have had contact for many years.
The answer is that this virus adapts and mutates faster than any other. Considering the functioning of the human immune system and its conditioning there are noe many people who have never been that vulnerable before.
Those who are empaths and have been sensitive for a lifetime, have had to find a way to protect their immunity by trial and error; many of them also know how to protect themselves from this virus.
But it is certainly a fight against invisible enemies. Once you’ve beaten them, you know. And you can teach it to others who are willing to learn.
The balance of the immune system in the human body is tightly linked with fears. If somebody with the strong immune system embraces fears, he or she is immediately vulnerable. But he has no exprience of fighting the invisible enemies. He didn’t need it. That is why he has often underestimated and ridiculed spirituality and energies that he cannot see. Many of these people have been voluntarily vaccinated against the flu or something that has been recommended. By doing so they have weakened their immune system and caused some temporary artificial immunity only to a particular pathogen or form of the virus – but their immune system have also resisted it. Because it gave them the confidence that they had done something for themselves and it helped to overcome fear.
But now the situation has changed! People whose immune system has served them flawlessly in spite of everything can be vulnerable. Those who have not recognized invisible enemies cannot fight them. It is difficult for doctors to help because their practice needs to be proven and recognized – a process that takes much longer than the virus to take to the next level.
This virus exceeds the possibilities of academic medicine and shows its weaknesses.
People who have learned to trust and support their own immune systems need not to be afraid. This virus is no different from the previous ones for them and they have sufficient experiences .

When you think about what kind of effect should the vaccine have in order to stop a rapidly evolving virus then that is different from all other vaccines. It should also inhibit human development capacity. When you think about one of the treatments that are used to fight cancer cells – radiation which kills other living cells then there is no doubt about the levels at which the research is going on. At least studies of active substances that could actually affect the mutative and developing virus.
People who refuse to take responsibility for their own health and want someone else to take it – there are always such people – they can see the way out in it. Not everyone wants to develop. And they cannot be misunderstood for it if it is their choice. They also have their own deals to do in this world and life.
However, think about the opportunities that lie ahead before the flattering campaigns skillfully intertwined with fear dazzle the senses and pave the way for something you can’t turn back from.