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Human Design

Why Human Design? What it offers me?

Everything that happens to the physical body starts with the energy body. The Human Design chart describes your energy body and gives you information on how you can charge and protect it yourself. The causes of the physical body’s problems also lie in the energy body, and there begins the removing. This chart can be as a map for living.

There is the Life Theme in Human Design. Why I need to follow it? Can I choose another path?

Being aware of your Life Theme, you can choose the activities in which you are the most effective. If you focus on something else, you also need external support or compensation for something. You often recognize this as “your part” in a project or process. If there is a choice to study something, it is always wiser to develop what you have innate preconditions than to reach in something to a modest level. It is a waste of energy.

What can I do if another theme is more attractive for me or if I have acquired a specialty that is far from my  Life Theme?

We have drawn to situations where we need lessons and people who are our teachers or with whom we have an energy debt to solve. No matter what area you are working on, you can focus on the part related to your Life Theme or find a path related to it.

Human Design is a logical system where energy and physical world meet. The traditional old systems: Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and the I’Ching are connected and combined with our genetics and the mechanics of the forces around us. Advanced technology has enabled to integrate all these parts into a whole readable multilayered image. Energy centers of the Human Design system interface between the Universe`s energy and the energy within us, translating its individual functions and expressions.

Wheel- lowres

There are no good or bad designs, good or bad profiles, successful or unsuccessful patterns of activation. Living your design gives you all that you need.

As there is always an opportunity to fight against windmills and to swim upstream there exist at the same time opportunities to sail downwind, to swim downstream and dedicate oneself to something interesting.

Due to its multifaceted character Human Design enables to tackle issues on different levels our life gets intertwined: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.