Hypersensitivity as a gift

Urve Künsar

Human Design Consultant, Dance Trainer, Chemist, Engineer, Writer, Reader, Experiencer and Projector, Channeler, Meditator… . My hypersensitivity has led me through experiences that taught me how to remove and collect energy, how to maintain and restore my vibration. I have also learned when to communicate and set boundaries, and I am infinitely grateful for this gift!

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Being sensitive  is not a weakness but a gift we can to learn to use.


Fill in the registration form with the accurate date and place of your birth. The first meeting (online) will tell you if you are hypersensitive and what practical method or knowledge you need to help your sensitivity begin to serve you.

Training course and the practical methods

Hypersensitivity does not make  life easy. But it does not have to be taken as a disadvantage.

Don´t adapt to the demands of others, don´t put their needs ahead of your own, don´t fulfill the wishes and dreams of others and don´t volunteer your services.

Your sensitivity can show you the way. You can use your sensitivity as a gift. But bear in mind that most people can´t understand this. There are up to 20 percent of people with hypersensitivity, and the rest don´t have any idea what kind of battles you face every day.

Our sensitivity gives us the ability to create and imagine because it exceeds all boundaries.

There exists an easier path than the one of endless trial-an- error.

Depending on the life theme and active energy centres, we will find a way(movement, exercise, activity, environment, mantra, way of grounding, or a combination of several) to take a control in our own life.

We can learn to :

-appreciate ourselves and get rid of restrictive behaviour

-preserve energy

-find our energy sources and trust ourselves

align ourselves with the vibration we want wherever we are