Eye training videos

Are your eyes tired of overwork and screen light? Or do you want to get rid of glasses? The impairment of the eyes can be stopped at any age.

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You can also learn to keep your senses awake. To keep the world colorful and clear, it would be good to acquire some habits.

I Videos with exercises to get rid of glasses and activate the sense of sight (myopia and farsightedness, astigmatism, speed of receiving and processing information, memory), 8 + 11 minutes

II Video with Additional supplements ; need and use of Magnesium and DMSO, practical part (long-term problems, fatigue, photophobia), 19 minutes,

Training videos cost 10 € ( I and II each) and can be redeemed with separate passwords. If you wish both (I and II), then 20 €. Please include an email address where I can send the password to.

About supplements you can read more here

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