Emotional Authority

About 47 percent of the population falls into this type of solar plexus authority: The solar plexus operates in a wave that is always moving. As this type rides their emotional wave and experiences all of its nuances, they pick up information over time. When they come to a place of clarity, or little or no nervousness in the body, they can make their decision at that point.

Sacral Authority

Just under 35 percent of the population has the Sacral Authority; many generators fall here. Their natural tendency is to wait for something/someone to show up in their field so they can respond. They don’t need to “go and get things.” Instead, get familiar with the many ways in which they are already responding all the time. Their sacral life force energy is a response mechanism—it’s either open to giving its energy to something that is healthy for them in the moment, or closed

Splenic Authority

This type is more rare, about 11 percent of the population, and is characterized by an intuitive sense or recognition in the moment. The spleen is our oldest awareness center, faster than the mind, and deeply rooted in survival, health, and well-being. Some people describe this authority as a splenic “hit,” or instant, intuitive knowing.

Environment/No Inner Authority

This is about 3.5 percent of the population—it is a Mental Projector with a lot of openness. They receive guidance from sensory information through their open centers. Using other people as “sounding boards” in order to hear the truth/not truth in their voice can be helpful here. Being in the right environment for them is important.

Self-Projected Authority

This is about 2.8 percent of the population and describes a subsection of Projectors who are deeply non-energetic, and powerful, beings. The ability to listen and hear their voice is key. Their truth is expressed through the core of their identity (the G center). Allowing their words to come out unfiltered is key.

Lunar Cycle Authority

About 1.4 percent of the population, this is the Authority type of a Reflector who derives his/her authority from the lunar cycle. They have a special connection with the moon. Before making an important decision, they would wait through a twenty-eight-and-a-half-day moon cycle, which provides a consistent, familiar pattern to work with.

Ego Authority

This heart-centered authority will come from a Projector or a Manifestor and makes up just over 1 percent of the population. They must trust what they say or do spontaneously, in the moment. The voice of the ego will speak or move the body if they allow it to do so. It’s about letting the words come out unfiltered (as with the Self-Projected Authority), not saying what they think they want to say. This authority has a lot of willpower.