About me


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My name is Urve Künsar. It was back in 2012 when the mysterious word Human Design reached my ears. My daughter was showing me an image on the computer with colored triangles and rectangles claiming that it was her design. Someone had explained it to her. I of course wanted to see my design right away.

I dived into the depths of the internet exploring everything that was available page by page, typing in key words and looking for explanations for numbers, lines and shapes, but was only able to find a few details and general information about the system. I could print out my design chart which made it clear to me that I am a projector.

I must admit that it was a little disappointing to see a lot of white figures in my chart, because back then this meant just emptiness to me. As I was writing projects every day, the word “projector” seemed so natural that there was no greater interest in thinking about it.

Over the next five years I came back to my design chart several times, always finding a new information for contemplation. But all this was so blurred and chaotic – I did not have any framework where to fix these fragments.


As far as I can remember I have always felt myself as an observer seeking the root causes of everything. I studied biotechnology in Tallinn Technical University. Our graduation happened to be at the same time with most intense moments of the Singing Revolution in 1988 when Estonian Sovereignty Declaration was issued. After having successfully completed 16 years of various stages of school programs which taught obedience, how to praise authorities and to suppress one’s own opinion followed by obtaining a very narrow specialization – I found myself amid the chaos of structures falling apart. I tried to adapt and accept my responsibilities. But for some reason, life had set quite different challenges for me to overcome. There are no coincidences – however, I did not know that yet.

After going through a period of depression at the age of 28, it became clear to me that changes start at the energy level. At the time of recovery an advertisement of belly dance courses caught my attention and it was not just by chance. Having previously tried everything other than dance I forced myself to go to this course. Something had to be changed! I was not interested so much in how I danced but much more in what the dance did with and for me. And it did a lot! I began to perceive the inner movement of my energy and later on arouse the desire to share my experience and skills with others. Dancers in my groups, however, yearned to get on the stage, at least for a while, and so most of them focused more on their outward  than inward images.  I tried to adapt again… but did not have any right words nor skills for sharing what I appreciated at this time.

Nonetheless, belly dance set my energy in motion so that I got contact with my spiritual guide. After 7 years of teaching I finished with the dance courses and started to unfold other layers. I was not given advice by my guide but received answers to my questions. Sometimes also comments were provided which meaning took me weeks to understand.

I worked simultaneously exploring the energy world and writing projects and business plans for over 10 years. These two worlds were clearly separated from each other for a long time. I myself needed this separation in order to be able to tackle the limits of that which I was allowed access to. Obviously these two worlds had to meet somewhere. The bigger the picture was to look at, the more questions about myself aroused. I realized that I was guided towards something or somewhere that demanded an expanded scope both physically and mentally, in space and time, both inward and outward… Why I had to be guided? And where to? I was not yet able to receive answers to these questions. But my confidence was growing with feeling protection everywhere and invisible help to get out of even the most dangerous situations. I arrived on time at the airport even when the motorways had been blocked by traffic jams for several hours.

Once I had learned to read my Human Design and started combining this with looking back on my experiences I finally understood where my questions were coming from. My Life Theme is the Cross of the Sphinx and so I am here to provide direction. Our Life Themes are called Incarnation Crosses and they are combinations of energies of 4 gates that comprise it. The most significant gate in my Cross is gate 2 – Receptivity/Higher knowledge – that is activated by Sun and Jupiter. According to my guide – people with Sphinx life theme always need for additional protection as their energy is directed outward.


For the first time in my life I had recognized the path which allowed me to live my design. As soon as I had decided to dedicate myself to exploring the secrets of Human Design I found a teacher. I am not sure whether finding is the right word. I was simply guided by some clicks on the web to him – http://www.yourhumandesign.ch  – and was lucky to become Shantamo`s student. His vast knowledge and spiritual scope have been very inspiring and helpful throughout “Human Design Reader Training” course I did with him.

While analyzing designs of different people I am constantly impressed by how ingeniously they sometimes have balanced their energy loss. Our unique designs require different conditions for realization. Therefore, finding successful paths for some designs under limited conditions may often be a real piece of art if their previous choices have not provided them with a supportive environment. However, being aware of one’s energetic design gives great confidence, courage to go one’s own way and ability to find solutions in difficult situations.

I am glad to offer my skills and experience gathered passing through many changes both on individual and societal level, my structural approach and the help of my spiritual guide if necessary. Being aware of your design and how the current situation is projected on energy level enables you consciously take into account your weaknesses, remove obstacles and efficiently realize innate talents and strengths for making better decisions.