About Corona

Since it started, there has been a lot of controversy and fear around the Coronavirus. In some way, it seems as if it is being used to cover up the global economic crisis.  The virus had directly affected only a few people, most of which had more serious problems along with an already compromised immune system. 

Lockdown causes far more damage to the economy and people’s quality of life than the spread of a virus whose effects are questionable. At least this is what my big picture view concluded based on the information I’ve received so far.

While asking questions about my visa extension and staying in India, my spiritual guide informed me that I have been underestimating the Corona Virus…. that I underestimated the need to protect the body and mind. I have been in contact with my spiritual guide for years and I receive direct answers to my questions in sentences. Although their wording sometimes needs to be refined, I also receive answers in the form of symbols which I have learned to translate. This can be understood as channeling, although my state of consciousness does not change during such an “interview”.

I have been wondering about the deeper meanings of what has been happening in India, and if these drastic measures, masks, and lockdown are actually effective in stopping the spread of the virus. It is curious that every next day appears to be the biggest single-day jump in Coronavirus cases, even still.

Here is a recount of my conversation with my spiritual guide about this topic:

How do I underestimate this virus?

This virus can immediately reach the whole body if there is no protection.

But other viruses have also reached the body?

Yes, but not to the whole body. It also can affect your Mind, Heart the Sacral Chakra; this virus can also infect your energy body and spread in this way.

How does it happen? The virus has a physical form.

Yes, it has, but it is not as dense as it has been with other viruses so far.  The frequency of the Corona is higher.

Can this frequency be described or compared to anything in our society?

This is the same frequency generated by a person living in low vibrational energy.

Is this virus man-made?

  No, it gathered itself. No one has developed it the way it seems. Low vibrational energy accumulates and needs to be recycled. It builds up in a chain.

Could this have been avoided in any way?

No, it comes with that time. Living has long been full of obstacles for humans.

Is it not related to the economic crisis at all?

This crisis is here anyway. The connection of the Corona to the crisis is the same as the connection of the body to its parts.

So what kind of protection is it that protects against the virus? … what I underestimate? Does protection mean any kind of vaccine?


Whole-body protection is divided into three parts:

One third is the protection of the Mind. There is no protection in the mind of one who underestimates himself.

  The second third is provided by yellow radiation, which activates the energy concentrated above the tail.

What is this yellow radiation?

It is related to the Sacral center, sexual energy.

But it’s orange at the energy level, we know the aura of the Sacral Chakra mostly by orange color, isn’t it?

There are no pure tones in the chakras. The part extending above the tail is yellow.

What distinguishes this yellow radiation?

It is the same in all its brightness. The rest of the aura is always more or less changing and related to the surroundings.

Is it related to hormones?

This is the frequency in which a person’s feminine energy always lives.

What is the role of the tail in the human energy field?

Moving to a higher frequency, the tail begins to live significantly at the energy level in the same way as it does in animals at the physical level. There is always a balance between female and male energy in the tail.

  What is needed to be protected?

This status must be achieved by yourself. You have to be prepared to receive and align with this frequency. It occurs when somebody falls in love, for example. You don’t have to fall in love all the time, but you have to be able to lead yourself into the energy of love. Everyone can do it according to their experience – who loves a child, who loves a partner, who loves God, who loves some type of art… it all depends on the frequency. This is not a reputation or just liking. It must capture all the senses. By living in the same feminine energy, it can be stored for up to three days – i.e. you do not have to connect to this energy flow of love every day to be protected.

What is the third part of the protection?

The third part is the external protection of the body.

  It is the energy that surrounds you. The people you interact with.

You need to be able to distinguish between what are responsibilities and what is protected.

 If you are connected to people with whom you only feel responsibilities or if someone has responsibilities towards you, there will be no protection. You have to feel the will to honor or care for somebody in your heart. If you don’t feel it, you need to deal with karma. It is free will and connected with the Heart chakra. Who gets protection for the whole body, is protected from Corona and the following viruses as well.

The body needs protection. Understandable. But if our body does not have protection, does keeping a distance from others keep the virus away?

I mean keeping the distance in buses, trains, airplanes?

It is unnecessary because there is always a virus in the air and everyone has to breathe the air. The virus only enters the airways, but masks do not protect. The obstruction of breathing is bad for the body and weakens the body’s resistance to external influences. It is not possible to protect the whole body mechanically.

Why do masks not protect the airways?

The virus passes through these masks. Disinfecting your hands also doesn’t help. It is not transmitted by hand, only by air.

I understand that I am asking questions at the wrong level. What do masks and disinfectants have in common with the frequency of love? How does the frequency of love stop the virus?

This frequency does not prevent the virus from entering the body, but it does prevent it from moving through the body. You underestimate the body’s ability to turn elements into chains.

What does the body create with this ability? Connects the virus into a chain?

The body creates an obstacle where the virus is located. When the body itself is at a lower frequency, it cannot distinguish it.

Does the immune system fight this virus?

No, not with that. There is no cosmic chain in the body to fight this virus. The immune system protects your body against antigens, substances.

How to understand the cosmic chain?

This virus as a whole is cosmic. It has no immediate effect on the body, but can be obtained by joining the substance.

What about vaccines for this virus? If it comes can it protect anybody?

The vaccine will come. But it stomps out the inner flame from a person’s life.

The consequence of vaccination is that it no longer allows the whole body to reach the frequency of love after receiving it. People who do not get this frequency anyway can be vaccinated and can get rid of the virus.

But there are some statistics that say wearing masks and restricting the movement of people has also limited the spread of the virus.

People have fears and they need visible protection to believe in something. So they have been taught in this life that they cannot trust the invisible. They are ready to trust each piece of clothing more than themselves. And it affects them because fears would devastate even more. Such a mask can only reduce fear.

If I write about it now, will I take away that faith and hope as well?

No, it is the same as increasing one’s helplessness while living healthy. It is not necessary if the fear disappears.

Such information reached me about this virus.

Further commentary about this conversation:

It was surprising to me that this virus can also spread through the energy body. But this explains many infections that are seemingly strange or unreasonable. Especially for young people with a healthy body and outward-directed energy. They may not have the disease in the physical body at all, but the virus could be transmitted by the energy body.

How do we understand that living has been full of obstacles for the human body? The lower is the frequency, the more difficult life will be for the physical body. The past centuries were more challenging than the present, and during that time a lot of karma has accumulated for souls to resolve.

What does it mean that this virus accumulated itself? It is the result of many decisions and choices. Even if a form could have been given to it in a lab, it doesn’t matter who specifically did it or where the money for it came from. It would have taken some form or other regardless, so directing anger or accusations at someone specific will only have a bad effect on the one who is doing so. The choices ahead and awareness are the most important.